New York State Flag and Seal

The State Flag depicts the Great Seal of the State of New York (pictured right) on a blue background. In the centre of the Great Seal is a shield, which shows two ships on a river; in the background are three mountains and centred above is a golden sun in a blue sky. Above the shield is an American eagle, wings spread, atop a globe. The figures on either side of the shield represent Liberty and Justice. On a banner below is the State motto, Excelsior, which means “Ever Upward.”

Source: New York State Library

State drink is Milk

A popular choice in the USA

State Freshwater Fish is Brook Trout

Here are a variety of  recipes to try

State Saltwater Fish is Striped Bass

Also in other States, but a wonderful fish to cook with. Here is another recipe.

Apples! the State fruit

Apples are such a popular fruit, and so great to cook with, very versatile and lots of varieties available. Everyone’s taste buds can be catered for from sweet to sour.

State Flower is Roses

You might wonder why on a food blog I mention roses, but they are a wonderful way to infuse a gentle scent into food or to add a touch of colour.  You can add rose petals to ice cubes, or make an ice rose bowl, infuse the petals in water- that you can use in a simple syrup for candies, or as plain water in the iron for fragranced clothes. Place them in sponge cakes (white cake) they add a beautiful fragrance.

State snack is Yoghurt

The milk production in NY is a huge industry, so the reason they chose yoghurt is not a mystery really. Some of the biggest yoghurt producers are bases there- Chobani, Fage, Dannon to name a few. It is shipped worldwide and NY is very proud of its dairy heritage.

State Muffin is an Apple One

Apple muffins are a delight to make, and I think herald the arrival of fall, the gorgeous smell of apples cooking in the oven is a smell I associate with the autumnal months and that Christmas is coming. I enjoy the spices that also go so well with apple- like nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and cloves. here is a recipe, not my own, which I can see I need to add to my site!

State tree is the Maple

The Maple tree is a hardwood that is great but better known for the sap that is taken from the trunk – maple syrup. I definitely associate maple syrup with Canada, so will need to go and try the NY style and see what the difference is. Here is a link to the Maple Syrup industry of NY. They are proud and loud! so do go and try some.

Some fun local NY State dishes

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are famous the world over now, I think places like TGI Fridays and Hard Rock Café that made them worldwide – but when in NY you learn that Buffalo wings originated in Buffalo, NY. Who knew there was a place called Buffalo. I am lucky enough to have now been there many times and have tried the wings from there. I must confess to not being a fan of eating when I get messy, so I do not eat them often at all- but a pride and joy of NY State for sure.

Many places make good wings, but if you want authentic Buffalo wings, go to the place believed to have invented them in 1964, Anchor Bar.

Garbage Plate

This is a dish made famous in Rochester NY. The Huffington Post has a great article on this dish. Basically, it is an overflowing plate of carbs that will help you survive a hangover!



Behold, all you carb and protein lovers, this is the dish for you. Marinated, zippy meat stuck on a skewer and grilled (or pan-fried), then laid inside a bready roll to be consumed at every Upstate festival, fair and backyard cookout of your choosing. If one were to present a quintessential taste of Upstate New York, it would be this, the spiedie (on a paper plate with a side of butter-slathered salt potatoes and a ear of sweet corn).

source: This website.

Classic dishes from New York State

NY, NY is famous for such a variety of cuisine, the immigrant population that arrived has made NY, NY a place you would find amazing food from many cultures. When I was researching the foods/dishes/cuisines I was blown away at the variety, and I have been to New York many times, which is how I know the variety mind-boggling. Just checking out Wikipedia you will get a great overview. Pizza, bagels, pretzels..the list is long. Each county in NY seems to have a speciality that it is proud of, so as you travel around the State, find the local speciality.

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