South Carolina

To the left you have the flag of South Carolina and to the right the seal. SC was the second Sate to join under the Declaration of Independence on February 5th, 1778 and the 8th State to join the Union on may 23rd, 1788.

The offical State foods

State fruit

It is the peach, since 1984

State snack

Boiled peanuts

State drink

Milk – this will come up again and again. Research so far has it in 16 states as the official drink..

State game bird

Is the Wild Turkey. learn more here.

State Fish

Striped Bass. You can find out more here.

State picnic cuisine

Barbecue – and South Carolina has it’s own style of BBQ sauce as well. here is a recipe to try.

State Hospitality drink

Sweet Tea. here is a recipe to try and the blog post has a great tip about why they put Bicarb in the tea!

State Vegetable

Is the Collard Greens. A style of cabbage that does not have the ‘head’ or close group of leavs at the centre. here.

Other famous dishes from the State

Hoppin' John

Hoppin’ John is the traditional black-eyed pea, rice, and pork dish served in South Carolina. Legend has it that it received its name in the 1800s, when a one-legged black man named John peddled for it on the streets of Charleston. Other stories claim that the black-eyed pea became highly revered after it fed the masses during the Civil War. Here is a recipe.

Shrimps and Grits

What started out as a fisherman’s breakfast, this seafood and cornmeal porridge is now an authentic dish in South Carolina. Only within recent decades has shrimp and grits become so popular, but now just about every restaurant along the coast has its own version of shrimp and grits. Here is a recipe.

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