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Kitchen Basics

Cooking is about having fun and experimenting with food. To do that you need to understand some basic principles of cooking methods and food safety. Confidence is key. This course takes the worry out of the fundamentals, and teaches you everything you need to learn to get you started and on the road to success in the kitchen.

It is aimed at new chefs, returning chefs brushing up on knowledge that has become rusty, it is for the college student, single parent try to cook more healthily and needing a starting point.

It is a comprehensive course about fundamentals in the kitchen, not just one style but the foundation for you to create in the kitchen successfully.

You will learn and understand all about food hygiene so you know who you are feeding stays fit and healthy.

Wedding Couples Special: Personal Cooking Classes with Tamzin Cochrane

Private Couples Group Cooking Lesson

3 Hour Private Cooking Lesson

Zoom Sessions – Coming Soon!

I personally love to be able to ask questions when someone is showing me how to cook a new dish, so my zoom classes allow that. The power of technology does amaze me frequently. I am more of a hands on people person – but my zoom classes allow me to achieve so much more.

When you sign up for my zoom class, you will receive very quickly the recipes and the shopping list for what we will be creating that day. I will also send you a code to access the zoom class, so you can join me live from the comfort of your own home- from your computer, tablet or phone. I can see you, and you can see me.

YEAH to technology. It means all of you can ask questions as you cook along with me, or enjoy watching, still ask questions and know that  I also send you a recording of the session.

What’s not to love?

I have a series of short courses coming out, and you can sign up for each zoom cooking class individually or as a course. I look forward to seeing you all through technology soon.

Each class is $18 or the series of 3 will be $40.

Upcoming Series:

  1. Creating a three course meal in an hour
    • Week 1:
      • Cream cheese filled peppers
      • Rosemary chicken & pasta
      • Butterfly cakes
    • Week 2:
      • Mozzarella & tomato salad
      • Spaghetti Bolognaise
      • Meringues with fresh cream & strawberries
    • Week 3:
      • Tomato & red bell pepper soup
      • Risotto
      • Baked apples
  2. Creating snacks in an hour

Online courses

Kitchen Basics Tamzin Cochrane Udemy

This course allows you to dip in and out, at sections that you need there and then.

It includes food safety, refrigerator planning, kitchen layout, plus mini videos and PDF’s for all cooking styles and equipment, not forgetting a whole section on kitchen knives.

Learn how to chop vegetables and meat, and be able to go back over everything as many times as you need.

Included are extra resources, so you can print them off and have them handy and recipes to emphasis a cooking method.

I have mainly used video to show you exactly what i mean, but have followed it up with written words in the majority of the lectures.

Only $50 for a lifetime of being able to learn all the techniques you need.

Baking Basics

Baking is such a great activity. Everyone loves something home baked. The smell is divine and the results always appreciated. I hope you enjoy working your way through this course, jump around to what ever you wish to bake. Please always ask questions we check daily Monday to Friday, and will happily answer and questions.

Sign Up for Baking Basics Today!

Homemade Dog Treats!

~ Coming September 1st ~

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