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2 oranges

2 lemons

1 lb (500 g) granulated sugar

1/2 pint (300 ml) water



1.     Scrub the fruit.  Cut into quarters and remove flesh.  Simmer peel in a little water for 1  1/2 hours until tender.

2.    Drain and make the liquid up to 1/2 pint (300 ml).  Add 8 oz (250 g) sugar.  Stir over low heat to dissolve and slowly bring to a boil.

3.   Pour liquid over the peel and leave for 2 days.  Drain the peel.

4.    Add another 4 oz (125 g) sugar to the syrup.  Dissolve, heat and bring to a boil again.  Pour over peel.

5.    The next day, drain peel and add the final 4 oz (125 g) sugar to the syrup.  Bring to boil and pour over peel.  Leave the peel in the thick syrup for 2-3 weeks.

6.    Drain and place peel on a flat dish.  Dry off in a warm place.  Store candied peel in airtight jar.

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