This is a delicious Scottish treat.  Almost similar to fudge in America, but lighter and melts in your mouth!



2 lbs (875g) granulated sugar

4 oz (100 g) coconut

3/8 pint (210 ml) milk

1 oz (25 g) butter

Coloring, if desired




1.   Heat milk and sugar slowly until sugar has dissolved then add butter and coconut, stirring all the time.

2.   Bring to boil and boil to 240 F degrees or soft ball (either use a sugar thermometer to test or drop a little mixture into a cup of cold water, leave for 1 minute and, if you can, for a soft ball between finger and thumb, the tablet is ready).

3.   Take off heat and beat until thick and beginning to grain.

4.   Quickly pour half into a buttered tray, add a little red coloring to remainder, stir in well then pour over white tablet in tray.

5.   When cool, cut into squares.

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